Innovative solutions, flexible approach, quick response, high commitment, continuous development, investment in new technologies and partnerships in every field, these are the concepts that define Team DROADER!

Our organization is primarily made up of our cooperators - being fully aware of this, we constantly support Droaders in developing their skills and competencies, while at the same time putting an individual approach, because it is diversity that reveals a lot of opportunities!

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For us, what matters most is the person. We always reach out to our cooperators and support them in the small daily challenges that life presents. Therefore, with each individual we determine the form of work performance - stationary, hybrid, or perhaps 100% remote. When it's necessary to leave the office early on a given day to run private errands, we just need you to tell us so that we can then schedule tasks differently

DROADER does not build itself, it is the Droaders who are the solid foundation of our business. By working together, sharing ideas and openly communicating our insights, we are able to correct and improve our operations. Above all, we are committed to ensuring that our cooperators can identify with our organization and take an active part in the innovations and ventures we introduce.

Updating and acquiring new knowledge is our domain. We periodically organize thematic professional training courses for our cooperators so that they can develop their competencies and feel confident in performing their daily tasks. We ourselves are also happy to finance individual training for Droaders, which ultimately makes vertical and horizontal further career paths at DROADER the standard offered - no doubt everyone will find their area in which they feel most comfortable. Because the development

On a daily basis, we work together in Distributed Teams, as we operate in different locations, but for us this is no obstacle to establishing partnerships! Systematic company integrations are a permanent feature in our calendar of events, which in no way impinges on branch meetings - they too are standard. For us, work is not only a responsibility, we equally value relationships and openness to others.

When entrusting cooperators with tasks to be completed, we place trust in them first and foremost - it is the Droaders who choose how they will complete them, plan their own work and suggest improvements. We also believe that everyone approaches his or her function in the company with respect - which is why we have no top-down dress code!



For us, throughout the entire recruitment process, what matters most is you - your comfort, a sense of freedom, an enjoyable experience and constant access to real-time information. Therefore, throughout the recruitment process, you are in constant contact with a dedicated recruiter who is your first line of support. Because at DROADER, we care about responsibility and awareness in every area, and even more so towards our future and current Droaders.

Apply to DROADER and see for yourself that our recruiting priorities are:


concise communication of organizational information before the meeting
reminders of upcoming recruitment interview date
constant contact with the recruiter throughout the recruitment process
express answers to all your questions
timely feedback with justification of the decision made after each stage of the recruitment process


simple application process via application form
recruitment meeting in the office or remotely
casual atmosphere and lack of official tone of conversation
optimal meeting date of your choice
no extensive, multi-stage recruitment process
feedback within a few days of the interview


we get to know you, but above all it is you who get to know us
substantive interview with the recruiter and the hiring person
comprehensive presentation of the company and the position
clear terms of cooperation
constant contact with the recruiter
answer to any of your questions - even outside of a recruitment interview
your evaluation of the recruitment process through an anonymous survey

Proces rekrutacji


Our recruitment process is not complicated - above all, it is smooth and is carried out in five steps!

  1. Your application through the application form
  2. Verification of your resume
  3. Brief phone call
  4. Actual recruitment meeting
  5. Comprehensive feedback from us

We take an individual approach to each candidate - we organize meetings both stationary, in our offices, and online, because we care about your convenience and comfort during the recruitment interview.

We focus on a flexible approach and therefore offer diverse forms of employment. It's up to you to decide what kind of cooperation is optimal for you, and if you're not sure - we're definitely here to advise and help you.

Throughout the onboarding process, which lasts several weeks, you are under the constant care of a dedicated recruiter and implementer. During your first week, you can expect the formalities of employment, an introductory meeting with the recruiter, an organizational interview with your immediate supervisor, and comprehensive position training for the initial 3 weeks, and at the end, a brief interview with the recruiter to verify the level and quality of the onboarding you went through, and to get your insights.

Each of our cooperators has the opportunity to do remote work. We are aware that in life there are random situations that absolutely require it. However, in the case of experienced specialists, as much as possible we are able to guarantee the possibility of permanent remote work.

Of course! The moment we start working together, you will receive all the necessary work tools and equipment from us on the day of employment - a complete workstation is a must.

Horizontal and vertical career paths are standard with us, so transitions from one department of the company to another and promotions to higher positions are our daily routine, because above all we want to develop the potential of our cooperators.

Most definitely not! Above all, we approach our cooperators with confidence, thus no top-down dress code applies.


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